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Landscapes of the Punjab

A collections of paintings and photos on the Punjab landscape is worth viewing at Uddari Art Exhibition. Works of renowned painters and photographers from the Punjab, the images show the beauty of the land, and the creativity of its people.

Landscape1 by Kanwal Dhaliwal

Using watercolor on hardboard, Kanwal Dhaliwal has created an unending field of flowering Mustard glowing under the rays of an out-of-frame sun.

Punjab Landscape 1 by Prem Singh

Prem Singh’s landscape 1 shows trees shirking away from the road and electric wires, now a common sight in Punjab countryside.

Bahmanwala, Kot Kapura 2008 by Subhash Parihar

A small village with rows of growing crop and walled residential area offers a peaceful scene on a bright sunny day.

Landscape Punjab by Shahid Mirza

Earth is in the turmoil of heat in Shahid Mirza’s Landscape Punjab, and the Living are flustered and restless.

Surrey Summer 2008

Photo by Saloo Durrani

‘Living Lahore’ an Exhibition of Photos, Poetry and Videos

Type: Exhibition
Date: August 15, 2008
Submissions Dateline: August 14, 2008

Lahore Sudhar plans to organize an exhibition exploring, expressing, defining, constructing and inventing the many and one, Lahore. The exhibition will include photographs, poetry and prose in the format of print materials, videos and audio recordings.

The city of Lahore is a layered and rich site of our shared humanity and locale. It is not only a material spatial city, it is also the city of imagination, myth and lore. It is above all a social settlement of millions who constitute its past and present inhabitants.

All acts of documentation are an intervention and engagement; the purpose of the exhibition is to create urban knowledge and to initiate a dialog about the living city and its future.

The exhibition will happen in a park, preferably Lawrence Gardens. A blog of the exhibition process and final selections will be made available on the web.

We hope to benefit from the great facility of digital image and sound to have a wide and intense participation in this endeavor. A panel of professional designers and artists will select and arrange the final exhibition in collaboration with the contributors.

To create a comprehensive and focused collection we invite interested individuals to send us their response by 14th August 2008.

Send entries to Lahore Sudhar at:
Web Page: Lahore Sudhar

Behold the Melting Icebergs of Antarctic!

A few photos of melting glaciers have found their way to us in the public domain presenting sights of bewitching beauty and lurking fears as the cold wilderness reveals its inner face transforming from ice to water, from water to ice.

One of the impacts of global warming that this ice creature is afloat warm waters?

The color blue never appeared so vast, so cold, and so spell-inducing.

“Photographed by Norwegian sailor Oyvind Tangen, on board a research ship around 1,700miles south of Cape Town and 660miles north of the Antarctic.”

More at Daily Mail

Information pointed to by Saloo Durrani.

Melting Glaciers

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