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All Support To: ‘The People vs Kinder Morgan’

What’s at Stake

The Kinder Morgan pipeline and tanker project poses unacceptable risks. Whether it’s oil spills that can’t be cleaned up, orcas that will become extinct,  or increasing carbon emissions in the age of runaway climate change, an approval of this project is the wrong direction for our region and our world. In an era of reconciliation, we cannot allow our government to run roughshod over First Nations rights.

Kinder Morgan was approved without B.C.’s consent. 

59 First Nations including almost every coastal nation directly impacted by tanker traffic, 21 BC municipalities including Vancouver, North Vancouver, Victoria, and Burnaby, and over 210,000 citizens have signed petitions opposing the pipeline and tanker project.

The Tsleil-Waututh and other coastal First Nations are poised to launch court challenges. We know from experience in stopping the Enbridge pipeline that defending Indigenous rights in court is a strategic choke point for such projects.

In order to prepare  to take their opposition to the pipeline project to the courts, the Tsleil-Waututh Nation need an initial $50k.

We won’t let this get built. Help us fundraise so First Nations can stop Kinder Morgan in the courts. 

Are you in?

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