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Surrey to Become the Coolest City in Canada

Spectacular Surrey.
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Volunteers are needed to help make Surrey the ‘Coolest’ city in Canada by asking the Mayor and other city officials to commit to climate protection policies and agreements.

The transition from being the ‘City of Parks’ to the ‘The Cool City of Parks’ will bring many gains for Surrey residents and businesses.

– Residents, employees and visitors breathe better in Surrey with clean energy solutions in City offices, private businesses and homes
– Residents, Businesses and City pay less for amenities and services with solar and wind energy solutions
– City becomes financially sound using more affordable, self-reliant and reliable energy systems
– The ‘Green’ status will bring more resources to Surrey through tourism and federal/provincial support
– The ‘Green’ policies will help create/increase long term investment opportunities and jobs in certain sectors
– Surrey Residents and Officials combat Global Warming by becoming the Coolest City in Canada
– Surrey Residents and City save more of our natural resources for a richer and brighter future

Half of Lahore’s Population Drinking Contaminated Water

It may be ironic to some people that the first post at Earthpoems is about an issue as unpoetic as the contaminated water of Lahore. But then who knows what ‘poetic’ is when faced with erosion and decay in one’s city of birth, and so, this issue descends on me like a sad poem of love.

The Institute of Public Health (IPH) reports that faeces is found in about half of the drinking water samples collected from Lahore. Farkhanda Kokab, an Epidemiologist of the IPH, says that some 92 drinking water samples were tested between May 1 and 15, and faeces were found in 43 of them. “The presence of faeces in potable water is very dangerous and alarming. The authorities concerned must take a serious note of it and do the needful” she said.

According to a survey done by the Environment Protection Department (EPD) of the Punjab, a defective sewerage system is causing water contamination by allowing sewage water to mix in with the supply lines of drinking water. As well, it is recommended that the discharge of industrial refuse into the subsoil through holes should be banned to avoid further contamination of ground water.

The (Monitoring) Director of Punjab Environment Protection Department (EPD), Dr Shagufta Shahjahan said that the department had carried out tests on drinking water samples in the Punjab province earlier, and 25 per cent water samples collected from Lahore were found ‘unfit’ for drinking, and that the City District Government and Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) were advised to chlorinate and clean the City’s water supply lines.

Ms. Kokub of the IPH stresses that Lahore’s posh areas are no exception to drinking water contamination. To the citizens of Lahore, she suggests that “the best solution to ensure the cleanliness of drinking water is to boil it”!

An offshoot of this problem is the marked increase in the production and consumption of bottled water. Not only that water is selling almost at the price of milk but that it will soon add to the environmental hazard already clogging the city of Lahore in the form of roadside garbage dumps.

Information provided by Whiz News from Khaleej Times.

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